Dan Werstuk

Original Art in Soft Pastel Media & Oils

Dan Werstuk was born in Ontario in 1949 and grew up in Gravenhurst on Lake Muskoka. He attended the Ontario College of Art from 1969 to 1973 and continued to paint and draw from personal interest while working in the printing industry until 1990. Since 1990 Dan has made painting and drawing his career. In his exploration of different mediums of expression, Dan found that pastel painting was ideally suited to him. He can paint and draw in the same composition, blending and layering colour to produce realistic landscape paintings. Borrowing from his expertise in fine art printing, Dan has also created a limited series of original dry point prints, hand coloured in light acrylic washes. He also works in large canvas oil media.


Main Art Gallery


The 'Main Art Gallery' includes Dan's latest work that is available for sale and viewing. All paintings are originals and are listed as either soft pastel media or oil. The painting title, size and media type are included in the description.

Private Art Galleries


The 'Private Art Galleries' are paintings which have been sold and are in private collections. The painting title, size and media type are included in the description.

Midhurst Studio


The photo above is Dan exploring Algonquin Park. He travels by canoe through various wilderness locales to capture his subjects through sketches. The Midhurst studio is where Dan spends his time developing and refining his paintings from these sketches.



Dan's work is available for viewing at various art galleries and seasonal art shows.



Style, subjects and influences that have shaped the large body of Dan's creative work.

Art Medium


Soft pastel and oils are used predominantly in Dan's painting styles.

Short Film


This documentary style short film is 5:38 minutes in length and features Dan Werstuk sharing his passion and inspiration for his work.



Contact information and a map is available for those planning a visit to his Midhurst studio.



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